iron rose for norway

Iron Rose, a room for stillness.

The powerful art project The IronRoses was initiated by Tobbe Malm and Tone Mørk Karlsrud after the gruesome attack in Oslo and on Utøya July 22nd 2011. The two artists were deeply moved by the sea of roses that grew in front of the Oslo Cathedral and in the streets of the city the following days. Inspired by the spontaneous solidarity amongst strangers, they started The IronRoses project and invited blacksmiths from all over the world to forge iron roses and send them to Norway. The project quickly grew and soon also survivors and others affected were invited to visit Tobbe's workshop to talk, process the grief and forge their own roses for the project. 

1000 roses from all over the world are now assembled into the final work. The roses are symbols of engagement and solidarity in the aftermath of terror, and are put together with great care to make a complete sculpture. The sculpture is a gift to the City of Oslo, and the final process is coordinated and financed by Kulturetaten (the Culture Agency).


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